Healthcare systems save lives and treating patients. At the same time they need to develop successful processes and policies for staying financially healthy. That is where healthcare revenue cycle management comes in.

Healthsoft implements highly efficient, end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions helping you identify new revenue sources and the latest recurring revenue model. With years of experience in delivering expert services for billing and collections, our clients have always achieved great results.

We strictly follow major performance metrics as per industry standards to ensure best practices and help quantify success rates. We also see to it that our customers get the best value from our expertise and experience.

Our best practices ensure improved cash flow with reduced RCM time

With years of productive efficiency under our belt, our teams perform revenue cycle management functions with laser precision. We guarantee reliable results that allow our partners to achieve sustained growth by focusing on their core business functions and eliminating time and cost waste.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Receive clarification and make adjusting entry Analyse payment for discrepancies Insurance sends payment Billed claims sent to the Insurance Company Coding performed and sent for billing Medical report received for coding Medical report generated for the patient Patient receives treatment
  • Patient receives treatment
  • Medical report generated for the patient
  • Coding performed and sent for billing
  • Medical report received for coding
  • Billed claims sent to the Insurance Company
  • Insurance sends payment
  • Receive clari cation and make adjusting entry
  • Analyse payment for discrepancies

Medical Coding and Billing

Healthsoft provides comprehensive medical coding and billing solutions for healthcare providers while eliminating risks of noncompliance. We can help devise a comprehensive process for suitable payments and coding. Our goal is always to trim down delays, improve claim submissions, and eliminate administrative loads.


We guarantee that every healthcare facility will receive reconciliation of patient schedules and verification. We also provide an exclusive service for pre-certification or pre-authorization where co-insurance estimates are included. We use ethical practices and code optimally without Upcoding. Our Coders are all certified and are the best in the industry with knowledge of all DOH, DHA guidelines.

Improved Financial Performance

Our teams focus exclusively on all processes to offer effective insights and tools to achieve your goals. We can help you reduce errors, payer denials and staffing liabilities while focusing on patient care.

Well-organized Billing & Coding System

We carefully analyze all your medical records, including your previous coding. This ensures that your documentation can support the submitted codes for audits. We also maximize your claim reimbursement with our knowledge of reimbursement methodologies and medical coding.

RCM Consulting

Our team has consultants with years of experience in this space, both in the Middle East as well as internationally. That’s how we’ve always been able to cut through the clutter to give our clients the best insights into issues as well as solutions. Whatever you need, our RCM consulting services can make it happen.

Consulting Service Team

Unlike other RCM consulting companies, our team is very flexible. We are offer intelligent solutions for tough programs. We assure you that you will see a drastic change in your numbers, in real time.

Optimize Net Revenue

Have you tried optimizing the revenue of your hospital but, not achieved the desires results? Healthsoft is the answer. Over our years of service in IT industry, we have put together the most tested and proven techniques in RCM consulting.

Understanding Healthcare RCM

Healthcare RCM is a financial process that aids the management of functions associated with claims processing, payment, and revenue generation.

  • It encompasses the identification, management, and collection of patient service revenue.
  • It is unique because bills and claims are usually processed over a long period of time – claims go back and forth between payers and providers until all issues have been resolved.
  • It is successful as the strategies focus on front-end tasks to help claims move along.