Empowering the Visually Impaired – A Special Initiative

Apr 05, 2018  |  Author :  Tarannum R.S

As Emiratisation in Public and Private sectors continually receive the much needed boost by the UAE government, Healthsoft has found that there is one sector of Emiratis, with an unemployment rate exceeding 80%, which is rarely ever tapped by businesses across the UAE. These are the thousands of sightless or visually impaired Emiratis who despite possessing desirable skills face difficulty acquiring gainful employment. This is, in spite of the availability of constantly evolving technology that has since long opened a… Read more

Emiratization: a social endeavor by Healthsoft Middle East

Mar 12, 2018  |  Author :  Tarannum R.S

Challenges for UAE Policymakers The immigration trend has posed several challenges for UAE policymakers. The biggest among them is possibly ensuring economic opportunities for UAE nationals. The UAE government struggles to ensure employment opportunities and career advancement for its own (very small) high-skilled workforce. Emirati professionals face constraints in all public, private, and quasi-government sectors. Additionally, limited lateral mobility to move from public or quasi-government sectors to the private sector is a critical problem for these professionals. At worst, their… Read more

Healthcare Audits in the GCC region

Feb 23, 2018  |  Author :  Tarannum R.S  | 0 Comment

Audits have always been considered the most effective and imperative means of ascertaining appropriate and ethical financial management, regulatory compliances as well as for unearthing process flaws and errors. This specially holds true for Medical Payers and Providers when it comes to Medical claims and billings. Healthcare Audits in the GCC region are currently targeted towards Providers and can be defined as: Processes used to assess, evaluate and improve quality of care given by providers in a systematic way. Part… Read more