Artificial Intelligence

HealthSoft’s AI is a monitoring system that watches Payer behavior, detects trends others cannot see and helps you take action while others have to wait. It monitors, tracks and reports, every possible trend in your data. An added advantage is that it studies the past predicts the future, analyze situations, “explains” findings and makes profitable recommendations.

Why do you need Healthsoft AI?

Not a Level Playing Field

Payers are already using AI to adjudicate claims.
This means they’re one step ahead of you, making it more difficult to collect on behalf of your Providers.

Lack of Standardization

The Medical Billing process is standardized for Providers but not for the Payers.
Different health plans, varying reimbursements and changing rules make it nearly impossible for you to keep up.

Not a Science Anymore

If you created a perfect claim every time, would you be paid on time and in full?
Payers seem to lose, reject, deny and underpay claims based on a seemingly moving target.

How does Healthsoft AI tackle this?

In a 45-day window, our customers collect 15-30% more of the allowable provider reimbursement by implementing our AI tools. You can too.

In fact, like most of our clients, you will probably collect the most revenue the first time you submit with our AI!

Our AI Partner

Recovering revenue with AI

  • Models Hidden Payer Behavior
  • Invents Tactical Countermeasures
  • Recommends Effective Action
  • Ensures Claim Effectiveness

EMR 360°

Increase revenue with accurate claims & a clinical EMR that complies with all your Audit demands for better patient care.


Easy and flexible appointment booking for doctors, based on their schedule and availability and reduce the time taken for registration. Keep track on appointments and send alerts to customers by SMS or EMAIL.


Registration is completed when the patient steps in to the clinic, with or without appointment. The details collected include, address, contact details, emergency contacts, insurance & company prior to provision of an ID Card. Patient with appointments get preference over walk-in patients. Emirates ID are integrated with system. All consents & claims forms are electronically signed and saved in system.

Nurses Desk

Basic details about the visitor, e.g. height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, known allergies, special notes and patient medical history can be easily recorded by the nurses. The information is captured using pre-defined forms, and our customers can add or delete items. Barcode scanner also can be used to retrieve patient information.

Doctor’s Desk / EMR – Electronic Medical Records

Once the Doctor logs in, all registered patients will be listed with information captured at the Nurses desk. This system helps doctors take preapproval from insurance.

Insurance/Coder’s Desk

Real-time validation claims for each claim before submissions. System integration with DHA/HAAD for claims submissions, receiving Remittance advices and resubmissions. Coder claims analysis reports.

Integrated Electronic Medical Records

This electronic document management system helps you to automate any paper documents by scanning, storing, indexing and retrieval based on the clinic registration ID. The system can store any information such as referral letters, external medical reports, lab reports, digital X-Rays …etc. This system can be extended to other departments by purchasing additional user licenses, as and when required.


This is a policy based settings, there is option to bill per service or consolidated billing.


Bills generated at different departments will be collected at this module, waiting to be paid or to be allocated to insurance after the deductibles if any. All the cashier activities will be posted to the accounting system on a transaction to transaction basis or by the end of day basis, chosen by the customer.